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Kyle Craft - Eye of a Hurricane
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Kyle Craft – Eye of a Hurricane

The definition of a modern throw-back

When you first hear, Kyle Craft – Eye of a Hurricane, immediately you are hit with that ragtimey rock-a-billy piano and southern roots Americana twang born on the banks of the Mississippi River more than half a century ago. Then comes the rough, but, soothing, fulminations from another time that bellow out from Craft’s chest. A style that does him well and one that permeates throughout his debut album, Dolls of Highland, released through SubPop Records in April 2016.

Speaking through SubPop, Craft described, Eye of a Hurricane, as, “a jealous song, stirred up by the memories of an ill-fated crush and a drama of “weird little connections, a spider web of what the fuck?”

A good example of this spider web of what the fuck? can be seen in the video for, Kyle Craft – Eye of a Hurricane. A bonkers saga that tells a very unique and offside story on its own. Nevertheless, we decided to share one of his live performances.  This will give you a chance to see Craft, along with his band members Haven Multz – Drums, Daniel Talmadge – Piano, Jeremy Padot – Guitar, Ben Steinmetz – Organ, and Mayhaw Hoons – Bass, play organically. And, if you’re like me, probably will get you scouring the interwebs to see when he’s coming to your town next.

If you’re like me and live in the Toronto area, you will be able to catch Craft’s next local performance at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on February 4th, 2017. Until then, please enjoy the content provided above and follow Kyle Craft in the links below.

Kyle Craft – Facebook

Kyle Craft – Bandcamp

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