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My apologies, as I know that I have been slacking with my Song of the Day lately. To make it up to you, today, I bring you: So Many Wizards – Lose Your Mind.

Starting out in 2009, So Many Wizards, began as the solo project of Nima Kazerouni in his hometown of Long Beach, CA. During the early years, Kazerouni made his way through the LA DIY music scene before linking up with a drummer, Erik Felix. From there, the band began to shuffle through members before settling on a lineup complete with Martin Roark and Devin Ratliff. So Many Wizards was then signed by JAXART Records¬†and was releasing their first full album of dream punk/pop recordings, Warm Nothing, in 2012. Like many indie bands, they slipped through my fingers at the time, but, nevertheless, have been discovered, finally. Hopefully, we’ll have some new tunes from the band one day soon. In the meantime, please enjoy So Many Wizards – Lose Your Mind

So Many Wizards - Lose Your Mind
Head Boppin'
Toes Tappin'
Shoulders Swayin'
4.8Overall Score

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